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ID Related person Type of relation Related prison station
9423 Marion M. Benbrook Wr. Neustadt
9424 Marion M. Benbrook Dulag Luft
9427 George J. Brand Wr. Neustadt
9428 George J. Brand Dulag Luft
9430 Richard F. Eggers Wr. Neustadt
9431 Richard F. Eggers Dulag Luft
9433 Cheater E. Ehredt Wr. Neustadt
9434 Cheater E. Ehredt Dulag Luft
9436 Donald E. Elder Wr. Neustadt
9437 Donald E. Elder Dulag Luft
9439 Charles E. Major Wr. Neustadt
9440 Charles E. Major Dulag Luft
9442 Malcolm R. Matthews Wr. Neustadt
9443 Malcolm R. Matthews Dulag Luft
9445 Claude E. Roner Wr. Neustadt
9446 Claude E. Roner Dulag Luft
9448 William C. Thompson Wr. Neustadt
9449 William C. Thompson Dulag Luft
9451 Thomas A. Zelasko Wr. Neustadt
9452 Thomas A. Zelasko Dulag Luft
9515 James K. Donley Stalag I
9516 Librado Garcia Meran
9517 Librado Garcia Stalag I
9518 Louis Green Meran
9519 Louis Green Stalag I

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